Bits of Joy…and Other Blessings!

4 – Update on Harry – Oral Cancer

I learned a valuable lesson today! Have you ever asked God for something specific for you or a loved one, and totally missed (or ignored) His response? Well, today I found myself in that situation.
I was stunned! I clarified...Did he mean THIS Wednesday, as in two days from today?? He confirmed...Yes, he meant in two days!
We were told to expect 7-15 days in the hospital following surgery. This Wednesday is only Day 5! I was both confused and frightened! My mind was racing...If he goes home, I will need to do what the hospital staff has been doing. Could I?  The "what-ifs" came flooding in! What if I don't do it correctly or what if Harry has a setback, etc., etc., etc.! 
The doctor immediately sensed my concern (could have been my eyes as big as saucers!) and spoke to it.  Harry would only be released IF everything continued to go as well as it had so far. He has made incredible progress already..."He's one in a million", as the doctor put it.  Praise be to God! 
God, the surgeons and staff had just performed an incredible surgery on my husband. I trusted all of them to determine the "right" time to send him home.  I needed to check my thought process! (If you have read the book, "The Battlefield of the Mind", by Joyce Meyer, you know what I mean by this comment.  If you haven't, I highly recommend it.)
As I was discussing this with Harry after the doctor and team left, it hit me so clearly--Why should I be: a) surprised; or b) concerned? Hadn't we (and all of you) been praying for complete healing and quick recovery?
God was answering our prayer in a most visible way, and I was blind to it! How human I am, yet God still loves me.  What joy on all levels!
What an awesome God, and wonderful husband who is giving it his all to get well! Love them both!
Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for your incredible support through this journey. You have lifted us on many occasions, and your notes were often just the touch of God we needed!
May you be blessed ten-fold for your thoughtfulness, compassion and concerns!
To God be ALL the glory!
Much love,
Harry, Carol and Family