Lamplighter – Life Coach Services

As your personal coach, Carol will help you identify what’s holding you back, and guide you in developing a plan of action to get you "unstuck!" She will also hold you accountable for implementing that plan in order to get the results YOU want.
Coaching is very different than counseling or therapy.  Coaching is more conversational; the client is very involved in the planning and implementation of the plan of action.  The coach simply brings out the best in the client to accomplish what the client wishes to accomplish.  It's their agenda, not the coach's!
Just like in sports, the coach doesn't get out on the field with the players, but stays back and observes, creates awareness of areas for improvement, encourages them, and holds them accountable to be their very best!  We're not here to "fix"'re not broken!
Personal coaching can be in any area of your choose where you want to focus your time and attention.  A few to consider are:
  • Personal Relationships
  • Organizational Skills
  • Handling Grief
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Career Changes
  • DiSC Personality Profile*
Coaching can be done face-to-face or virtually (via phone or Skype).  We ask for a commitment of a minimum of eight sessions, and often that is all that is needed to get a client on the path to success in their specific area of growth.  Future follow-up sessions are certainly encouraged to check on progress and maintain momentum.
The initial Intake Session is done at no charge.  This is an opportunity to meet, discuss the desired area of focus, and determine if there is a good "fit" for Coach and Client.
If you interested in learning more about coaching opportunities with Carol, e-mail her at  Fees may be discussed at that time.
Group coaching through teleclasses will be available in the near future. If you are interested in participating, e-mail Carol at, and request to be added to the communication distribution list; give your name, city, state, phone number and best time/method to reach you.

*Carol is certified to administer the DiSC Personality Profile