Pearls of Wisdom from Carol

“What’s So Important About An “Attitude of Gratitude?”

God’s Word speaks to the importance of having an attitude of gratitude. I learned a very valuable lesson about this many years ago. As is my tradition, I always make up Easter baskets for my husband, children, and now grandchildren. Because we have always celebrated Easter as the resurrection of our LORD, Jesus Christ, I’ve been intentional about focusing on the spiritual aspect of Easter vs. the secular view of the Easter Bunny and sweet treats.

Many years ago, as I was shopping for small gift items for the baskets, I found a sweet little plaque that had the following inscription: God has blessed me with you.

My immediate response was that Harry ought to get that for me. Pretty arrogant, huh? Let me try to explain with a bit of history. Harry and I met when I was just 14 and he was 18 (much older!). He was very quiet and held his emotions in check. But, like still waters that run deep, I knew there was more to him than he was willing to share; and I believed God put us together so I could help bring him out of his shell, so to speak.

After several years of being together, Harry did open up and began sharing his thoughts and feelings, and expressing his love for me by using the safe phrases like, “Me too,” and “Ditto”, in response to me saying, “I love you!” (I had to teach him that “Me too” and “Ditto” didn’t count as an acceptable response!)

Back to that day in the store… Instantly, after I became aware of my initial, arrogant response (that Harry ought to buy that plaque for me), it was if God wacked me side the head and said, “No, Carol; you should get that for Harry!”

Instantly, I was convicted, and became keenly aware of my arrogance! How humbling is that! Then my eyes were wide open to the truth…God had blessed me with Harry! He was…and still is…the love of my life!

But, here’s why I share this story with you. That day in the Hallmark store, my life changed. Our marriage changed. From that day forward, I saw my husband not as a project, or something or someone to “fix”, but as a true gift to me from God.

You see, I knew at the age of 14 that Harry was the man God intended for me to marry and spend the rest of my life with on this earth. I came into the marriage as a “fixer”; but, Harry didn’t need “fixing”…I did! And, God fixed me that day, when He taught me the importance of being grateful for my husband. That attitude of gratitude changed everything for the better.

So, who or what are you grateful for today? Your spouse, your children, your parents, your job? How might an attitude of gratitude change the way you treat them? Ask God to help you see clearly how your attitude is affecting your relationships.

Caution: If you pray for God to convict you and make you aware of strongholds in your life, He will! Are you ready?