Harry's Story

When Carol told me of her vision for Ministries of Hope, she asked me, “Did you see the same vision?” I wasn’t sure what to think! “No, I did not see any vision that day.” She explained that her vision included both of us behind a podium, speaking to hundreds of couples.

“Do you see us doing that?” she asked. “I see you doing that”, I responded. Carol had spoken in front of groups many times; I had not. You know how they say most people would rather die than speak in front of a group of people? Well, that would be me!

I told her I would support her any way I could. I know she continued to pray that God would show me clearly what He had planned for this ministry.

In 2004, Carol agreed to do a presentation on making your marriage a priority as part of “Forever Families”, a one-day conference offered by our church. I agreed to go with her and assist with the technical part of her presentation – as long as I didn’t have to speak in front of people! During the session, I found I was comfortable enough to offer my perspective from my chair.

Since then, we have done several workshops with couples…and we’re both behind the podium!