Covenant Couple Coaching

Marriage is tough! We believe marriages break down due to unmet expectations; and expectations are most often unmet because they are unspoken and/or unrealistic.
Through Ministries of Hope's "Covenant Couples" Ministry, Carol Sweebe works with...
  • couples who are getting married,
  • couples who want to take their marriage to the next level, and
  • couples who don't think they want to be married anymore! 
a STRONG MARRIAGE is the foundation for
SOLID PARENTING, which is the foundation for
STABLE FAMILIES, which is the foundation for
We offer one-on-one, face-to-face or Zoom coaching with couples, to help them create and maintain strong covenant marriages!
Our coaching includes a minimum of five sessions.  The initial session (referred to as the "Intake Session") allows us to build rapport and determine if it is a good fit for them...and us.  During the Intake Session, the couple completes a detailed inventory which helps identify "The State of their Union!"  The following four sessions are spent debriefing the inventory responses, celebrating their strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.
We help establish an environment where we can all speak...and hear...the truth in love!  You can't be helped by the truth if you don't speak it and hear it!
In addition to one-on-one sessions with couples, we offer group workshops.  Titles include:
  • Marriage, Your #1 Priority!
  • Cultivating a Covenant Marriage
  • Four Pillars of Intimacy (Limited to 7 couples/workshop)
  • Marriage Tool Time - Part 1
  • Marriage Tool Time - Part 2 (Future Offering)
Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming workshops. 
Carol is also available to provide the above workshops for your church or community.  She is also willing to create a workshop based on your group's needs.  Contact Carol at with your request or call her at 989-878-0469.