Pre-Marital and One-0n-One Couple Coaching:

Here’s what people are saying about Harry & Carol as pre-marital and couple coaches:

“The two of you are playing a very important part in making sure this marriage starts out on the right foot! The inventory has already been insightful to both of us.” – Jim & Carrie

“Definitely worth doing. Thought provoking. Brought out topics we had not discussed. Excited about things we’ve learned.” - Michael & Jillian

“We appreciate your insight and experience and look forward to a long/healthy marriage thanks in part to the guidance you provided us with at the start.” – Jeremy & Nicole

“Thank you so much for sharing in our special day with us. Also for all of your guidance prior to the wedding. We will take that knowledge throughout our marriage.” - Mike & Amanda

“We had so much fun and learned so much from our sessions.” – Doug & Michelle

“Just know that we enjoyed each session we had at your home. We learned a lot.” – Justin & Kelly

“Our marriage preparation course with Harry and Carol opened our eyes to so many issues that we seldom discussed. We had a good relationship with God prior to completing the course, but would pray individually. We learned the importance of keeping God at the core of our marriage and to pray together as a couple. It is amazing how much stronger of a bond you feel when you follow these principles. It is obvious when talking with [Harry and Carol] that God has richly blessed their marriage. Aside from the spiritual aspect of the course, we were able to open up to one another about many other issues such as finances, children, intimacy, communication, and household responsibilities. These are vitally important topics to discuss prior to entering into a marriage. Harry and Carol did a wonderful job making us feel at ease when discussing some potentially sensitive topics. They approach the course in a non-judgmental manner and offer a lot of good advice for keeping a marriage happy and healthy. Upon completion of this course, we were able to understand one another more completely. We feel confident that we can face life’s challenges together and continue to grow in love as a married couple.” - Chad & Kate

“It was not long after my husband retired that I found myself very disappointed with what being retired ‘together’ was looking like. My expectations certainly were not reality, thus creating misery for both of us. Our pastor recommended Ministries of Hope. We felt we were very fortunate to have had a good marital foundation and we did love each other, that it was important to get some counseling. From the beginning (Session 1), we felt very comfortable discussing our issues with Carol and Harry. they were very good listeners and we felt our conversations were confidential. They helped us to look deep into our own and each other’s challenges; and, with God’s help, working on these together. I think we needed someone on the outside (C&H) looking in at our situation to see more clearly than we looking from the inside. With their help, working through God we both feel we have made the effort and good progress toward a healthy marriage and a happier retirement. Thank you, Carol and Harry.” – D&D, Michigan

Comments from couples who have attended Harry and Carol’s Marriage Workshops:

‘Great loving people and mentors.”

“Enjoyed, laughed, cried and felt a connection with the presenters.”

“Truthfulness, emotions, experience helped us a lot.”

“Harry & Carol were so willing to share their experiences (good and tough) so I felt very comfortable.”

“Excellent, genuine, practical workshop!”

“You truly have a special gift.”

“You are truly wonderful people, and we benefit just from hearing your stories.”

“Carol & Harry spoke from the heart! Helpful information. Thank you!”

“I didn’t think we needed a marriage workshop after 41 years! I was so wrong!!!”

“This was a great wake-up call. I will start mending my marriage and keep my husband as priority #1!”

“Lamplighter” – Life Coach

Here’s what people are saying about being coached by Carol:

“First session was great – made me look at things that were uncomfortable to look at. Starting to develop a plan – creating a program that tells me how to get there. Very helpful!” - B.E., Ohio

“Relief to be able to express fear. Helped talking about how focus on money could impact time for relationships.” – E.J., Michigan

“I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for you, Carol!” – M.S., Florida

“You are a gift from God for many people, Carol.” - L.P., Michigan

Small Business Coach

Here’s what some people have said about Carol’s group coaching style and effectiveness:

“Carol did an amazingly thorough job. She had obviously spent so much time organizing and planning. Message was so relevant to a woman’s daily existence, and she so effectively focused on God’s critical/essential role in our life. She is an excellent speaker — so fun to listen to — the time flew. God speaks to us through her. LOVED IT!”

“Carol, I really enjoyed your style. I love all the informatiuon you gave us.”

“Carol did an excellent job.”

“I really like the enthusiasm of Carol. Also her examples from her own life.”

In late 2005, I began to work with Carol Sweebe and Ministries of Hope to set some high-level goals for my company. Carol took my team through the process of building a vision and mission and establishing a few goals for 2006. Most of my team had never been through a formalized process like this, and Carol did an excellent job of making them comfortable with what we were doing. We worked again with Carol in 2006 to review what had been done in 2006 and lay our plan for 2007. I cannot express how valuable that process has been to our company. By having the right vision of where we want to be, we have been able to drive our business straight at that vision and have accomplished amazing improvements. These improvements have resulted in high sales and greater profitability. More importantly, they have made the home buying experience so much more pleasant for our customers. We have been able to remove a lot of “surprises” for them. Surprises are generally not a good thing when you are building a new home. I would recommend Carol Sweebe to any business looking to take their operation to the next level. She asks a lot of good questions and adds a lot of good insight all along the way. Her corporate background is very apparent in her polished professionalism, but she is “salt-of-the-earth” enough to relate to people at all levels. Ministries of Hope has definitely blessed my company, my customers, and my employees.” - Anna Merillat, President, Integrity Homes, LLC, Midland, MI